Monday, February 16, 2004


  Her ankle got hurt at school, so I scaled it back this week, just two miles in the city.  I might drag her somewhere early next week.

Sunday, February 8, 2004

First training hike

We did our first training hike today.  I've got to get my duaghter into the kind of shape I am in first.  I know it won't take her long.  We walked around town and I was surprised that we did 4 miles without her once saying she was tired.   She had the added burden of walking Patches on a leash the entire way.  Patches pulls a lot, it's got to be worth an extra mile just dealing with her.

This log is  a little off, it was just 4 miles

Oregon PCT Through Hike 2014

My daughter and I plan to through hike Oregon on the PCT in 2014. This page and the posts in it will be about our gear, preparation, training and hike.   These posts will all be given year 2004 dates in order to keep them out of my regular page.  Just know that this is all happening in 2014.