Thursday, April 15, 2004

Planning and training

I've been working on our resupply strategy.  My plan is to resupply often so we don't have to carry too much. 

We have  been on one backpacking trip as training and hope to backpack every weekend that is not rainy until school gets out.

I've been taking some shorter hikes around town just to try to lose weight and stay in shape.  I will have to start taking my daughter on some of those hikes.

My spouse is not being very supportive.  He's depressed because he can't go with us and he will miss us while we are gone.  He is very ill and just can't do it, but I've got to live my life too.

I've already got our next backpacking trip planned it, it will just be a one nighter but will work for training purposes.  I wish we had bus service on Sunday's, then I could save gas by taking to bus to our backpacking trips.

My plan is to mail 4 boxes and do one off trail resupply at Sisters.  We will also do a small resupply at Ollalie Lake.

Our rough plan looks about like this. 

Update most recent arrival information:
I arrived at: on date: (mm-dd-yy)
Note: This only affects the arrival and departure dates from the selected resupply forward. No other numbers/calculations/totals are affected. Its primary goal is to give you better idea when you will reach future resupplies if you are running ahead/beind schedule.
Start Point: Callahan's Lodge
Trail access desc: .8mi road
Guidebook start location: Old Highway 99
Depart: 7-20-14 (Sun)

Plan Overview Notes:
All rows: [show] [hide]

1. Callahan's Lodge to Fish Lake Resort (3.5 days)
7-20-14 to 7-23-14
54.1 mi
4,939 ft EG
15.6 mi/day
1,424 ft/day

CA guidebook:R
OR/WA guidebook:B

Adjustments: none
Fish Lake Resort resupply exit
Exit pt: Fish Lake Trail
Detour: 2.0mi trail
Arrive: 7-23-14 (Wed)
Layover: 0.0 days
Depart: 7-23-14 (Wed)


Cumulative distance: 54.1 mi


2. Fish Lake Resort to Crater Lake (Mazama Village) (3.2 days)
7-23-14 to 7-28-14
50.0 mi
4,475 ft EG
15.6 mi/day
1,400 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:B, C

Adjustments: none
Crater Lake (Mazama Village) resupply exit
Exit pt: Highway 62 crossing
Detour: 2.0mi road
Arrive: 7-26-14 (Sat)
Layover: 1.3 days
Depart: 7-28-14 (Mon)


Cumulative distance: 104.1 mi


3. Crater Lake (Mazama Village) to Shelter Cove Resort (5.2 days)
7-28-14 to 8-4-14
81.8 mi
7,002 ft EG
15.7 mi/day
1,346 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:C, D

Adjustments: none
Shelter Cove Resort resupply exit
Exit pt: Shelter Cove Trail
Detour: 2.2mi trail
Arrive: 8-2-14 (Sat)
Layover: 1.8 days
Depart: 8-4-14 (Mon)


Cumulative distance: 185.9 mi


4. Shelter Cove Resort to Sisters (4.8 days)
8-4-14 to 8-11-14
77.3 mi
5,861 ft EG
16.0 mi/day
1,210 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:D, E

Adjustments: none
Sisters resupply exit
Exit pt: Highway 242 crossing
Detour: 15.0mi road
Arrive: 8-8-14 (Fri)
Layover: 2.2 days
Depart: 8-11-14 (Mon)


Cumulative distance: 263.2 mi


5. Sisters to Big Lake Youth Camp (0.8 days)
8-11-14 to 8-12-14
11.4 mi
1,300 ft EG
15.1 mi/day
1,721 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:F

Adjustments: none
Big Lake Youth Camp resupply exit
Exit pt: Big Lake Youth Camp trail
Detour: .8mi trail
Arrive: 8-11-14 (Mon)
Layover: 0.2 days
Depart: 8-12-14 (Tue)


Cumulative distance: 274.6 mi


6. Big Lake Youth Camp to Olallie Lake (3.5 days)
8-12-14 to 8-15-14
52.2 mi
6,170 ft EG
15.0 mi/day
1,774 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:F

Adjustments: none
Olallie Lake exit
Exit pt: Olallie Lake

Arrive: 8-15-14 (Fri)
Layover: 0.0 days
Depart: 8-15-14 (Fri)


Cumulative distance: 326.8 mi


7. Olallie Lake to Timberline Lodge (2.4 days)
8-15-14 to 8-19-14
54.2 mi
4,885 ft EG
22.5 mi/day
2,025 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:F, G

* Adjustments:
2.25 mi pace
11 hours/day
30 minutes added per eg comp

Timberline Lodge resupply exit
Exit pt: Timberline Lodge Trail
Detour: .2mi trail
Arrive: 8-17-14 (Sun)
Layover: 1.1 days
Depart: 8-19-14 (Tue)


Cumulative distance: 381.0 mi


8. Timberline Lodge to Cascade Locks (3.0 days)
8-19-14 to 8-22-14
47.8 mi
4,140 ft EG
15.7 mi/day
1,360 ft/day

OR/WA guidebook:G

Adjustments: none
Cascade Locks finish
Exit pt: (on trail)
Detour: on trail
Arrive: 8-22-14 (Fri)


Cumulative distance: 428.8 mi


Callahan's Lodge to Cascade Locks
7-20-14 to 8-22-14
(northbound hike)

days walking

on trail layover days

in town layover days
(5.0 in town "zero" days)

Total days

without layovers:
16.2 mi/day

1,469 ft/day

with layovers:
13.0 mi/day

1,173 ft/day

Base Distance:
428.8 mi

Extra Distance:
0.0 mi

Total Distance:
428.8 mi

Base Elevation gain:
38,772 ft

Extra EG:
0 ft

Total Elevation gain:
38,772 ft

Resupply count:

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Through a Fresh Clear Cut to Mcdonald's

290 calories burned, 500 calories eaten.  On this walk we discovered that the trail closest to home just got logged.

Monday, February 16, 2004


  Her ankle got hurt at school, so I scaled it back this week, just two miles in the city.  I might drag her somewhere early next week.

Sunday, February 8, 2004

First training hike

We did our first training hike today.  I've got to get my duaghter into the kind of shape I am in first.  I know it won't take her long.  We walked around town and I was surprised that we did 4 miles without her once saying she was tired.   She had the added burden of walking Patches on a leash the entire way.  Patches pulls a lot, it's got to be worth an extra mile just dealing with her.

This log is  a little off, it was just 4 miles

Oregon PCT Through Hike 2014

My daughter and I plan to through hike Oregon on the PCT in 2014. This page and the posts in it will be about our gear, preparation, training and hike.   These posts will all be given year 2004 dates in order to keep them out of my regular page.  Just know that this is all happening in 2014.